Tuesday, June 30, 2009

New Book - Art Of William Beyer

My new art book has just been published. To get your own copy, go here (CLICK HERE FOR LINK)

Friday, March 28, 2008

Watercolor Portraits

Now you can have a Watercolor Portrait created of your: Grandchild, Child, Grandmother, Mom, Dad, Pet, House, or Boat by nationally known Watercolorist, William E. Beyer

Portraits don't cost as much as you might think! Here are some sample prices:
15"xI8" Watercolor of your Home or Boat $200.00
15"xI8" Watercolor portrait of Child, Mom,
Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, Pet $150.00
Note: Add $75. 00 for each additional person in the same painting.
9"xI2" Ink Drawing of your Home or Boat $150.00
18"x24" Watercolor of your Home or Boat $300.00
22"x28" Watercolor of your Home or Boat $750.00

Also, you don't have to sit for the portraits, they can be done from your photos!
Call (508) 586-4906 to get yours started today!

Custom Painting Of Your Treasured Possession: Town, Church, Sports Team, School or College.

Beautiful custom paintings by William E. Beyer of your town, church, sports team, school or college. You can use these for fundraising events and in many cases at no cost to you. Call me today to find out how your group can earn $8 to $16,000. on a single print of your favorite subject.
Act Today by calling (508)586-4906.